The Neue Zürcher Zeitung (NZZ) is one of Switzerland’s best-known daily newspapers and has a long tradition. However, at the end of March, the newspaper’s IT infrastructure fell victim to a cyber attack. Since then, the NZZ has had to curb its production, as central systems had to be temporarily put out of operation. Apparently, the disruptions are still ongoing, and the print Saturday edition as well as the e-paper are to appear in reduced volume.

Ransomware attack on the NZZ.

NZZ has since confirmed that the attack was a ransomware attack. In this particular type of cyberattack, IT systems and data are encrypted in order to extort companies. As reported by NZZ, the newspaper’s IT experts, together with external specialists, are still working flat out to take measures to remedy the attack.

No ransom for the blackmailers

According to Swiss cybersecurity expert Marcel Ruef, it is likely that NZZ is not willing to comply with a ransom demand. This could explain why the newspaper is still struggling with the aftermath of the attack two weeks later.

A cyberattack on a newspaper is not only a problem for the affected company itself, but can also have an impact on freedom of expression and democracy. However, NZZ has stressed that it will do everything in its power to resume production and continue to provide its readers with high-quality content.


The cyberattack on Neue Zürcher Zeitung once again shows how important it is for companies and institutions to protect themselves against such attacks. However, the NZZ has shown that it is prepared for such situations and is doing everything it can to limit the damage. NZZ readers will therefore not have to worry about the quality of the newspaper in the future.

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