All services at a glance:

external data protection officer

  • Industry-specific complete data protection documentation

  • Official appointment as data protection officer (DPO)

  • Initial meeting / kick-off meeting

  • Review of the company’s processes and systems with regard to DS-GVO compliance

  • Communication with data protection authorities and end customers

  • Annual data protection audit

  • Data protection training

  • Information security training

  • Advice on data protection law from a specialized lawyer

  • Processing directories

  • Sum insured in the amount of 40. million EUR

  • Free use data protection management software LD Soft

Banks & Insurances.

In the area of banks and insurance companies we serve, we work closely with the compliance and internal audit departments. As data protection officers, we create a high level of data protection here and safeguard our clients against liability risks in the event of official audits.

Advertising agencies.

When assisting advertising agencies, it is particularly important for us to find a quick and pragmatic solution for our clients which, on the one hand, stands up to scrutiny under data protection law and, on the other hand, ensures the conclusion of the contract and proof of compliance vis-à-vis the end customer. This applies above all in the area of commissioned processing.

IT service provider.

IT service providers are always in the risk area of data protection breaches, as they are in direct contact with their customers’ data. Because of the risks in the area of IT security, the focus of activity here is also on the creation and revision of IT security concepts.

Hospitals, doctors, pharmacies.

As external data protection officers, we advise hospitals, doctors, medical pension funds and pharmacies. The main area of risk here is the handling and transfer of sensitive patient data, taking into account the special legal requirements in the healthcare sector.


In the publishing sector, we develop a secure data protection legal framework and pragmatic solutions for digital and innovative products for our clients. Our focus is always on the data protection solution, not the problem.


Hotels process a large amount of their guests’ data. This puts them at direct risk of data protection complaints from their guests to the supervisory authorities. As external data protection officers, we create secure processes here and an internal set of rules with liability assumption reduces the risk of fines.