Pharmaceutical companies focus on artificial intelligence

San Francisco was recently the scene of a remarkable development: top representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, including Biontech CEO Uğur Şahin, met under the auspices of the major bank JP Morgan to proclaim a veritable AI revolution in the healthcare sector. What does this mean in concrete terms? According to companies such as Sanofi, they are already making intensive use of AI technologies to improve their decision-making processes. With over 11,000 employees relying on AI every day, the future of medicine already seems to be in full swing.

AI as a driver of innovation for pharma and medical technology

The figures speak for themselves: McKinsey forecasts a potential value creation of between 60 and 110 billion dollars through the use of generative AI in the pharmaceutical industry. AI makes it possible to sift through research data faster, accelerate developments and shorten the path from the lab bench to the patient. This not only saves time, but also revolutionizes the innovation process. Germany seems to want to catch up, as the draft of a new medical research law by Health Minister Karl Lauterbach suggests.

AI and pharma – a symbiosis of the future

The ambitions of large pharmaceutical companies such as Biontech and Moderna to transform themselves into AI groups mark a turning point. Biontech CEO Şahin is aiming to become a leader in areas such as supercomputing and generative AI. Moderna, on the other hand, is already integrating AI into all areas of the company. Its success in rapidly developing an mRNA vaccine against Covid-19 shows how effective this technology can be.

Data protection and security concerns

While the opportunities of using AI in the pharmaceutical industry are obvious, experts also urge caution. Security concepts for data processing and storage are essential to minimize risks such as data breaches. It is a balancing act between technological progress and the protection of personal data.

Conclusion: AI as the key to the future of medicine

The events in San Francisco clearly show that AI is no longer just a buzzword, but is increasingly becoming a driving force in the pharmaceutical industry. While companies such as Biontech and Moderna are already impressively demonstrating the benefits of this technology, it remains to be seen how data protection and data security will fare in this rapidly developing field. What is certain, however, is that the AI revolution in healthcare is already in full swing.

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