The era of Twitter is coming to an end, as Elon Musk has put his plans into action and renamed the social network X. But what does this move mean for the future of the platform? X is set to become a super app powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and combining various functions. In this blog post, we take a look at the future prospects of X and how it might affect users.

X – Musk’s favorite letter and an everything app

Elon Musk has a fondness for the letter X, which also appears in many of his other projects. Now X is to become a comprehensive everything app, inspired by the Chinese super app WeChat. This messenger allows not only communication, but also paying bills and ordering food. Musk plans to build X into a global marketplace for ideas, goods, services and opportunities, all powered by artificial intelligence.

The new logo and initial reactions

X’s previous logo is a plain white X on a black background, which has not generated much enthusiasm among some users. It does not look particularly inviting for entering personal data. Still, Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino is optimistic, dreaming of a future in which X has a host of new features that actually work.

The question of the user base

The future of X depends largely on how many people will use the platform. Elon Musk has a loyal fan base that often enthusiastically embraces his new projects. But whether the masses are actually willing to switch to X remains to be seen. Despite many scandals and controversies, there is a possibility that Facebook and Threads will continue to hold a large user base.

The exodus and change in the social media bubble

The move to X has already triggered a small Twitter exodus, with some users switching to alternatives like Mastodon. Still, one should not lose faith that there will be a unified network for all. The social media bubble is constantly changing, and X will certainly play a role in that change.


By rebranding Twitter as X, Elon Musk is implementing his vision of a super app powered by artificial intelligence that combines multiple functions. Whether X will be successful and appeal to a broad user base remains to be seen. The social media landscape is constantly changing, and X will certainly have an impact on this change. It remains exciting to see how the future of X will develop and what new possibilities the platform will offer users.

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