ChatGPT is a chatbot developed by OpenAI, whose state of knowledge so far only extended to the year 2021. To make the chatbot more suitable for everyday use, OpenAI has now integrated plug-ins from various services such as Expedia, OpenTable and Wolfram. These extensions are designed to help ChatGPT suck current information from the web and gain a more comprehensive knowledge.

Wolfram as a real-time source for stock values and currency rates

The extension of Wolfram allows ChatGPT to compensate for its real-time weakness and retrieve information such as current stock values and currency rates. In addition, Wolfram can also help find out current events such as the name of the current German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz.

Bing as a search engine for phrased sentences

By integrating its own interface that taps into Microsoft’s Bing search engine, ChatGPT can now also explain who the reigning soccer world champion is and which movies won at the Oscars in formulated sentences. Links in the text refer to the respective source.

Klarna and OpenTable as shopping and reservation tools

The plug-in from Klarna is designed to make shopping easier by comparing the prices of products on the Internet and listing offers in response to a corresponding text entry. For example, the tool can narrow down the price if users do not want to spend more than 100 euros.

Expedia and Kayak as travel assistants

With Expedia and Kayak, ChatGPT becomes a travel assistant, acting as a translator between the travel tools and the users. For example, users type in a phrase like “I’m planning a weekend trip to Paris for less than 700 euros,” and the AI then suggests suitable travel options.

Plug-ins as extensions to ChatGPT

The integration of plug-ins into ChatGPT shows how external extensions can make artificial intelligence more suitable for everyday use. Interfacing with these tools has “far-reaching implications for society,” according to OpenAI. With extensions from Expedia, Klarna and the like, ChatGPT becomes an everyday helper that plans trips, books a table at a restaurant and retrieves stock quotes.

OpenTable: Table reservations

The plugin from OpenTable allows users to reserve a table at a restaurant via the chatbot’s text window. However, the booking tool only spits out a link that can be used to reserve a table. There is certainly room for improvement here.

Conclusion: ChatGPT is becoming more and more suitable for everyday use

With the new extensions, ChatGPT is becoming a more and more suitable chatbot for everyday use. The plug-ins allow the chatbot to access current information in real time and present it to the user in an understandable way. It remains to be seen which further extensions ChatGPT will receive in the future and which new functions will become possible as a result. But one thing is certain: ChatGPT will continue to develop and support us in more and more areas of life.

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