We advise nationally and international companies on all questions of data protection law. Among other things, we specialize in the following industries with their specific requirements.

Banks & Insurance.

In the area of banks and insurance companies, we work closely with the departments of compliance and internal auditing. As DPO, we create a high level of data protection and protect our clients from liability risks during regulatory audits.

Advertising Agencies.

When it comes to supporting advertising agencies, it is important for us to find a quick and pragmatic solution for our clients that, on the one hand, withstands a data protection audit and, on the other hand, the conclusion of the contract and the proof of compliance. with the end customer. This is particularly true in the area of order processing.

IT service provider.

IT service providers are always at risk of data breaches because they are in direct contact with your customers’ data. Due to the risks in the area of IT security, the focus of the activity here is also on the creation and revision of IT security concepts.

Hospitals, doctors, pharmacies.

As external data protection officers, we advise hospitals, doctors, medical care companies and pharmacies. The main risk area here is the handling and transfer of sensitive data from patients, taking into account the specific legal requirements in the health sector.


In the publishing sector, we develop a secure data protection framework for our clients and pragmatic solutions for digital and innovative products. Our focus is always on the data protection solution and not on the problem.


Hotels process a large number of their guests’ data. They are thus in the immediate risk area of data protection complaints from their guests to the supervisory authorities. As external data protection officers, we create secure processes here and an internal set of rules with liability assumes the risk of fines.