Data Protection Audits.


We asses your company according to GDPR requirements

– GAP analysis and audit report

– Precise catalogue of TO DO`s

– Privacy Audit Certificate

Audit Report

Analysis of data protection and privacy weaknesses

- Precise catalogue of TO DO`s for GDPR compliance

How we work.

Our law firm supports leading large and medium-sized companies in all matters of data protection law. We use a highly secure IT infrastructure and our own DMS software to meet the specific requirements of the data protection officer (DPO)

legal data.

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How it works


Request a quote

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  • Audit at a fixed price
  • Clear mandate agreement



  • Auditing according to GDPR standards
  • Summary OF GAP Analysis


Audit Certificate

  • Preparation of the audit certificate for the proof of GDPR conformity


Preparation Assessment
Examination of the company's processes and systems with regard to conformity with the DS-GVO
Analysis and evaluation
Data protection assessment of the results
Preparation of a final audit report with a clear and systematic presentation of all open issues and to-dos
Final presentation
Confirmation of the DSGVO Compliance


What are the standards for the data protection audit?
We audit your company according to the legal standards of the GDPR and it BDSG (new). From a practical point of view, we are guided by the legal requirements of the audit procedures of the national data protection authorities.
What are the benefits of a data protection audit?
With a data protection audit, you prove to customers and also in case of an official audit that you comply with and implement the legal regulations and requirements of the GDPR. Above all, they also create trust with potential customers and cooperation partners who want proof of GDP compliance.
What are the costs of a data protection audit?
Costs depend on the size of the company and the number of branches. We will be happy to make you a fixed price offer within 24 hours.