Fines rise sharply

Fines rise sharply

The implementation of the GDPR and the increased number of official audits leads to ever-increasing fines.

High penalty for German real estate group

According to the old BDSG, fines were limited to a maximum of 300,000 EURO. Now, up to 20 million EURO can be due after the GDPR – or up to four percent of the world’s annual turnover.

Even if the full fine framework has not yet been used, the fines are rising sharply: the highest fine in Germany was imposed on the real estate company Deutsche Wohnen. In November last year, the Berlin Data Protection Authority issued a fine of 14.5 million EURO for the unauthorised storage of tenant data within the Group.

Fines imposed have quadrupled

Although spectacular fines such as those shown above have hardly occurred so far, there is a trend: the number of reported infringements and fines has increased sharply in the last six months. In 2018, the authorities had issued “only” 40 fines. In the past year, more than 185 fines were imposed.